30 janvier 2010

Elsa Peretti Teardrop earrings

Surrounded by hundreds of excited K-8 students Atlas charm bracelet for their discount tiffany day back to school, Mayor Pro Tem Chris Mills and City Councilmember Lee Weigel were on hand today to ring in the new school year at St. Theresa's in Palm Springs.Mills, a well known local architect who designed the school's parish hall, rectory, and buildings - rang the traditional St. Pierced charm bracelet bell in the courtyard this morning with Weigel and school principal Cheryl Corey on hand Elsa Peretti Open Heart drop earrings the students back to school.Mills and Weigel along with Principal Cheryl Coreyring in the first day of school at St. Theresa's!"I'm so pleased to see how wonderful your school looks so many years after I designed these buildings," Mills told the students. "You're all very lucky to attend such a great discount tiffany."Weigel, whose two children currently attend St. Theresa's, told the students to enjoy themselves on their first day back."I hope you all have a great first day, but don't forget to study hard," he told them.Elsa Peretti Teardrop earrings in 1948, St. Theresa's has been educating students in the Palm Springs community for 61 years - and has a star-studded past. In 1965, Palm Springs residents Elsa Peretti Teardrop bracelet and Delores Hope donated the school's convent, which is now the pre-school, and many children of celebrities attended St. Theresa's - including the kids of Lucille Elsa Peretti Full Heart earrings and Desi Arnaz. In addition, many children of Agua Caliente tribal members also attend the school - and Mayor Steve Pougnet often drops by to read to the pre-schoolers and kindergartners.

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